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GW0742 is a modern, extremely powerful modulator of PPAR receptors. This breakthrough measure is a new quality on the market. Its spectrum of action exceeds all resources available to date; offers a significant increase in exercise capacity, increased fat burning, numerous health-promoting properties, and also has a neuroprotective potential.

GW-0742 is also known as GW 2.0 or Cardarine 2.0, which is a reference to its predecessor, GW-501516. GW-0742 is a beta (β) / delta (δ) peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR) modulator / agonist compound. These receptors are widely distributed throughout the body, but they are especially abundant in the cells of the locomotor system that build muscles, bones and joints. PPARδ is also found in cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells), adipocytes (adipose tissue cells) and neurons.


The most common use of GW-0742 in the case of athletes is taking it during the period of building muscle endurance. This agent, like GW-501516, has a unique ability to promote the multiplication of mitochondria. It is these structures that allow you to obtain energy from energy substrates (carbohydrates, fats), and their amount and work efficiency determine, among others exercise capacity of muscle tissue. Their increased amount also allows the muscles to work more efficiently.

Moreover, GW-0742 is also able to optimize the use of glucose as fuel for muscles. Apart from the above-mentioned action on mitochondria, the agent increases the expression of the transmembrane glucose transporter (GLUT-4) and the 5-adenosine monophosphate-activated kinase (AMPK). Both of these actions lead to more efficient glucose uptake from the bloodstream and its transport into the cell interior.

The last effect that promotes increased aerobic capacity resulting from supplementation with GW-0742 is an increase in the efficiency of cardiac contraction. Thus, the agent maintains a much lower heart rate for the same exertion, which also translates into an increase in VO2 MAX, a key parameter of aerobic capacity. In practice, advanced endurance athletes report an increase in aerobic capacity by up to 50%, and in the case of amateurs, this figure may be even higher.

Powerful beta-oxidation support

Another remarkable property of GW-0742 is the enhancement of energy production from fatty acids, both from food and from the breakdown of adipocytes. This means that GW-0742 not only increases the body’s aerobic endurance, but also allows for more efficient energy production from adipose tissue, which ultimately creates the conditions for a significant increase in the rate of weight reduction. It is also worth mentioning that the agent also remains effective as a support for stubborn adipose tissue.

Dry muscle mass on GW 2.0

Although PPAR modulators are known to be associated primarily with supporting the building of aerobic capacity and muscle endurance, GW-0742 can offer much more. The research has shown that the agent enhances specific reactions of the immune system, leading to more effective muscle regeneration. Both scientists and competitors report a decrease in post-workout soreness while using GW-0742, which makes them an excellent proposition for people who want to improve their physical conditions without interfering with the endocrine system.

These effects are used by athletes who use hormonal doping, who come from disciplines that differ greatly from those strictly dependent on performance, for example powerlifters or bodybuilders. This type of combination of compounds can not only multiply the obtained effects, but also reduce harmful side effects, both those occurring in the short term and those that threaten with complications in the perspective of many years.

gw0742 gw 2.0

A safer alternative

This measure, due to the mechanism of action, name and origin, is considered by many to be the younger brother of GW-501516. The main difference, apart from the much greater efficiency compared to mg: mg, is the safety of action. Although the oncogenicity potential of GW-501516 remains a big question mark, there is no doubt that chronic intake of this agent in high doses may carry a risk of increased carcinogenesis, which, however, was only proven in an animal model. In the case of GW-0742, clinical studies did not show such a trend even in the case of significantly exceeding reasonable doses, and it is even supposed to have anti-cancer properties. It should also be taken into account that the effectiveness of GW-0742 was considered by users to be equal to 2 times its older brother, thus it does not seem justified to use the agent in a dose higher than 10 mg.

It is also worth adding that the agent is detectable in anti-doping tests many times shorter than in the case of GW-501516.

Pro-health and prophylactic action

Aside from the impressive properties of GW-0742 for improving athletic performance, the agent has been shown to have numerous benefits in terms of overall health and the prevention of metabolic disease.

Thanks to the above-described optimization of energy processes, GW-0742 is extremely effective in regulating the level of glycaemia and the parameters of the lipid profile. Both of these activities are often used as an element of prophylaxis during the use of doping substances. In the case of the family of anabolic-androgenic steroids that disturb the lipid profile, as well as when taking growth hormone or peptides that increase its level, where the problem may be the level of glycemia. However, they can be used with equal success as part of the therapy of insulin resistance or disorders of the cardiovascular system

Moving further towards the circulatory system, the abundant expression of the PPAR receptor in myocardial cells brings with it much more than just support for the active. Scientists have found that their activation, apart from lowering the heart rate, also has other benefits, including it can protect cardiomyocytes from hypoxia or reverse their structural disorders, and even reduce the hypertrophy of the heart induced by exercise or doping. Moreover, thanks to its gentle vasodilating properties, GW-0742 may slightly lower blood pressure.

Additionally, GW-0742 has neuroprotective and even procognitive potential. The studies managed to establish that the agent not only protects nerve cells, but also extinguishes inflammation and supports the energy processes of neurons. Thus, it may have certain benefits for optimizing thought processes, and more importantly, reduce the harmfulness of pro-inflammatory or neurotoxic factors.

To sum up, GW-0742 is a new version of Cardarine, which is an ideal proposition for both athletes practicing endurance, strength or team disciplines, it will also work well as a supplement to the prevention of metabolic diseases.

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