About us

Our mission

Anabolix Labs is a new brand on the market that challenges its rivals.
We are a dynamically developing company, built by people with passion and extensive and reliable knowledge. With our products, we want to support anyone seeking for maximization of the use of their sports potential and achieving a dream figure.

Our primary goal is to spread the knowledge about modern agents aimed at improving sports performance and the effects of intense workouts. We are constantly and carefully observing the changing trends in sports nutrition and the latest scientific reports. Thanks to this, we are always one step ahead of the competition and we can provide our clients with maximum satisfaction and quality awareness. We have been trusted by Poland’s top sports competitors and coaches.

About us


Anabolix Labs offers truly effective products.
Our company has been built upon a thorough knowledge of the industry, efficiency, safety and the highest quality of raw materials used.

Equally important for us is honesty and transparency, which is why we avoid using proprietary blends and we guarantee that the composition of our preparations matches the description on the label.

The offer is directed in particular to people who are looking for a safe and proven alternative to anabolic agents.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products that include, e.g. SARMs, Ibutamoren, agmatine, yohimbine, advanced fat-burning formulas and many more.

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